Chemistry for Green Living” is the theme of the congress. Green living is a lifestyle that involves as many ways as are available in the conservation and preservation of the Earth’s natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity along with human culture and communities. Alternatively, these terms induce in using one’s own resources to reduce dependence on the natural resources of the Earth. For achieving sustainable development green living is an important and essential component. Overall sustainability can be, in fact, achieved through green initiatives and investments. By following the sustainable development, we can expect the world economically prosperous, socially sensitive and environmentally responsible.‘Chemistry’ can assist for sustainable development in life through practicing green chemical processes. Now it is the time to adopt chemistry education and research for achieving green paths for living on the earth without disturbing the natural resources.A few steps that can be taken are: development of relevant courses in all fields of chemistry, focused research on green development, popularization of the concept of green matters in our life through training courses, workshops, conferences at national, regional, and global level.Bangladesh Chemical Congress 2018optimistically looks forward for generation of a determined move to fulfill these objectives.